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    My Mission

    At Bee You Counseling, it’s more than just a counseling service; it’s a personalized journey designed exclusively for you. As a solo practitioner, my commitment is to provide tailored counseling experiences that cater to your unique needs and circumstances.

    Here, I firmly believe in the incredible potential within each individual to overcome life’s barriers. My mission is to empower you to discover and harness that potential, guiding you through a therapeutic process that’s uniquely crafted to address your challenges and foster personal growth.

    My philosophy revolves around the delicate balance between courage and acceptance. It’s about summoning the courage to face the aspects of life that seek change while embracing the wisdom to accept what can’t be altered. This balance becomes the cornerstone for resilience and paves the way to a more fulfilling present.

    At Bee You Counseling, we understand that purpose isn’t something stumbled upon; it’s consciously created. Through our collaborative sessions, my aim is to help you unearth your strengths, aspirations, and passions. Together, we’ll co-create a purpose-driven life that resonates authentically with who you are.

    We believe that your purpose in life is not found, but created. My practice is not just about counseling; it’s about walking beside you on a transformative journey towards empowerment, resilience, and the intentional creation of a meaningful and fulfilling life.

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    My Values

    My values are anchored in fostering holistic well-being and empowerment through a personalized approach to mental health. I believe in the transformative potential of integrating diverse therapeutic modalities, including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), person-centered, somatic, motivational interviewing, and trauma-informed care, tailoring each session to honor the unique journey of every individual.

    My commitment extends beyond traditional therapy boundaries. With a foundation in a 200-hour yoga certification and ongoing studies in breathwork, I focus on intertwining the connection between body and mind. By directing awareness to this intersection, I empower clients to reframe thoughts and redirect behaviors, steering them closer to the lives they seek while diminishing maladaptive patterns.

    Having lived overseas and served clients globally, my values embody inclusivity and cultural sensitivity. I recognize that anxiety transcends borders, impacting lives universally. Whether near or far, my goal is to create a safe, judgment-free space, irrespective of geographical boundaries, where individuals can explore and manage their life goals effectively.

    Above all, my practice prioritizes compassion, empathy, and non-judgment. I believe in fostering an environment where clients feel heard, valued, and supported. Empowering clients to reclaim control, build resilience, and embrace a balanced life is at the heart of my values. I am dedicated to guiding each client towards their unique path to inner peace and confidence, no matter where they are on their journey.


    Confidentiality stands as the bedrock, ensuring utmost privacy and discretion, fostering a sense of trust and safety. Confidentiality is paramount, supported by secure and encrypted virtual platforms that comply with HIPAA regulations. We prioritize the sanctity of privacy, ensuring that our clients' information remains protected and confidential within our virtual space. This commitment to confidentiality extends to every interaction, providing a secure environment where clients can freely explore their thoughts and emotions without compromising their privacy. 


    Creativity fuels the therapeutic process, allowing me to tailor innovative approaches, drawing from diverse modalities such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), somatic practices, and motivational interviewing. This creative integration serves as a catalyst for personalized strategies that resonate uniquely with each individual's journey toward healing and growth. 


    Empathy is the bedrock of my practice, fostering deep connections and understanding. Through empathetic listening and genuine compassion, I aim to create an environment that validates emotions and experiences, nurturing a sense of belonging and support. 


    Acceptance forms the foundation of our therapeutic alliance, embracing clients as they are without judgment or bias. This inclusive space welcomes individuals from all backgrounds, fostering an atmosphere where diversity is celebrated and differences are respected. 

    Measured Results

    My commitment to delivering measured results guides the therapeutic process. I prioritize evidence-based practices and effective interventions, ensuring that each step taken is purposeful and contributes tangibly to the client's progress and well-being. 


    Trust is a foundational value woven into the fabric of our practice. We believe in fostering a confidential and trustworthy environment where clients feel secure to embark on their healing journey.